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Stuck at home patio refresh

Stores are closed and money is tight. However... the weather is getting better and better and now is the time to create a spot outside that gives you fresh air and joy!

I was ready to get back outside and enjoy my patio, but I was also ready for a new look... so here's how I created it without spending a dime! Yup, this cost me zero dollars,

so here's your challenge,

take these tips and see if you can change-up your space with only creativity, elbow grease and some spare time!

then share your transformations

snap a picture and leave it in the comments here or on my Instagram page

*please ignore the ugly cushion shoved under the couch... a stray cat loves our patio at night and if I pull it out he'll sit there and get it filthy instead of my cushions [usually...]


Here's how my porch looked last summer: let me be clear. It's lovely. I'm not opposed to it in any way. In fact, please use it for inspiration if you prefer it to my new look! I just wanted to switch it up this year!

Aaaaand here's how my porch began the morning of my refresh... virtually stripped bare after a long winter.

I know. It's sad. [see that stray cat cushion that was in use all winter out in all its glory...]



My quick refresh patio tips:

1. Clean everything. This sounds dumb, boring, and like a no-brainer, but it's really a must before starting. Start with a clean, fresh space.

2. Bring your houseplants outside. Nothing transforms any space more than adding a bunch of plants. I believe that they really are happier in your home during the winter if they can be outside in the spring and/or summer.

3. Steal stuff from your house. Moving items around is a great way to change your space, just because you are done with it in one room doesn't mean it won't work somewhere else.

4. DIY. diy. D.I.Y. if it can be done, there is a tutorial for it. If there's a tutorial for it, it'll be found on Pinterest. So go for it, get inspired and use what you've got to create something new.

5. Find alternative uses for items. Outdoor rooms are especially forgiving: a rug can become a throw, a tray can become wall art, a basket can become a decorative planter, a sheet can become a curtain.... seriously get creative!

6. Transplant perennials in your yard into containers for your patio. Keep in mind whether or not they prefer sun and plan accordingly, but it's a free option for adding color, texture and life to your space.

7. Don't jsut keep it out because you "always have." It's ok to say goodbye, but goodbye doesn't have to mean get rid of it. You can always store items away and use them in the future. I have a couple totes of "stuff" that I will always love so I can shop at home and rotate the love.

That's it! That's what I did.

Do you have more ideas? Please share!

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