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Authenticity vs. an Algorithm

I've been MIA for over a year. And it was intentional. And I'm finally ready to return... but I have decided to do it a little differently this time.

The thing is, I worked really hard to gain the invisible but very tangible "love" of an algorithm that is hidden and fleeting and so very powerful. When it was kind, I was thrilled. When it was indifferent, I felt irrelevant [sounds pretty healthy... right?!]. I should have stayed and figured it out while posting, but instead, I chose to step away.

I stopped because I made the mistake of altering my content to fit a formula I didn't understand. It killed my confidence first and my creativity next.

And it was no one's fault but my own. That's why I stopped. I had to decide what I really wanted. Well, after much reflection, prayer [some self pity] and an eventual "kick in the pants" from God I'm starting again with a new vision and renewed spirit.

My IG page may look a little different in the future. Like sharing a photo of the stack of papers I had to remove from the table in order to get a good picture. [Don't worry, the papers went right back where they were and remain there to this day... in fact, they've mated, had babies and continue to multiply during this pandemic!]

And another thing: I didn't retake the first photo when I realized that I managed to leave my laptop on the chair like a champ!

[if you didn't see it, go back and find the laptop... hey, my very first Easter egg, see- this is more fun anyway, right?!] I decided to just leave it's ok. Even on social media, it is ok. Who knows, this idea might be disastrous for my page, [then again, quitting for an entire year wasn't all that great for it either] but I've found my "why" and everything I do needs to point to it. I want to encourage and inspire readers while helping clients create beautiful spaces in their home. [And if I could get a laugh now and then, that would be great too... I'd even settle for an "oh my" head shake with a grin!] That is why I came back. And I'm glad to be here.

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