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A favorite decorating tip... Rub 'n Buff

I learned about Rub 'n Buff sooooo long ago from my big sister [thanks Amy!] and it's been my go-to product ever since. Most recently I used it take my current bronze kitchen cup pull handles and turn them gold...



I love this product because it's so easy to use and once it's applied and dry... you don't have to worry about it rubbing off, flaking or chipping. It's solid!

It comes in these tiny tubes and you'd swear you should buy like 8 of them for a project... but no. One tube lasts so very long (I did all 11 cup pull handles and had about 3/4 of the tube left). Just apply with a thin, small cloth and start rubbing and buffing whatever you're transforming [thus, the entirely accurate product name, haha] until it's covered. If there are tiny grooves I'll use a Q-tip for precision.

If you decide you need a second coat, wait for it to completely dry and harden before applying, because it can get blotchy if you do the second coat too soon [I have only needed to add a second coat twice in my lifetime... one is almost always enough, unless it's a particularly large surface].

And that's it! If you accidently get it on your skin you'll look like the tin man... and it must be oil-based because soap and water don't help much. However, baby oil will take it right off skin!


You can use it on metal, wood, plastic... here is a dresser that used it on the metal handles and the wood top... twice! First silver, then after many years I switched it up to antique gold.

And they area available in all kinds of metal finishes: gold leaf, antique gold, copper, silver, ebony, rubbed bronze.... those are just a few of their options.

It's a favorite trick of mine... I buy them at craft stores or on Amazon.

[and no, this is not sponsored at all... but hey Rub n' Buff... call me, I've got more ideas!!! ]

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